A sickly, yet cunning rogue


Wolf is thin and wiry. A thick mop of curly blond hair often hides his striking blue eyes. His features are rugged yet attractive. A short yellow beard follows distinct line of his jaw. There is a sense of playfulness in his demeanor. Long red sleeves are apparent beneath his leather hauberk. Dual long-knives hang at his belt. His pants are finely crafted. Its designs are sewn in gold and brown. A heavy gray wool cloak wraps the length of his body. Though his apparel is not new, each item remains well mended. All of his movements are smooth and agile. His cloak is perpetually wrapped about him, even in seemingly comfortable weather. In a tavern he can usually be found near the hearth.

Wolf is a realist out of necessity, but he would much rather live a more subdued life as a crafter or merchant. He enjoys women and wine often. His good looks and propensity to have a chill find him in the company of the ladies in taverns and his bed. Skill at arms is a trademark of Wolf’s reputation, but he does not kill wantonly. He prefers to sidestep conflict unless he feels that his adversary deserves such a fate. Loyalty to friends is one of Wolf’s most noticeable attributes. Those who he calls ‘friend’ know that he will always be at their side in a time of need. He is playful even in serious situations.

The recent murder of his gang has left him in a sullen mood. He is uncharacteristically quick to anger. Revenge is on his mind. He spends much of his time dodging the smugglers that seek to kill him and he plots the demise of the official who used him.


Born in Esgaroth, Ceowulf grew up under the rule of the Easterlings. At a very young age he experienced the ferocity of the invaders. During the initial raids his parents were killed leaving him to fend for himself and his twin sister Nola at the tender age of twelve. Poverty and desperation are all that they knew from then on. His parents had been respected craftsmen. Those few family friends that remained fostered Ceowulf, but his sister moved to North to Dale to live with their uncle Keenan. Since her departure, Ceowulf has seen his sister only twice. Times were hard in Esgaroth and it didn’t take long for the young boy to fall in with the growing underworld. Ceowulf found that his natural charm and quick reflexes offered him more opportunities than most in his criminal circles. This is not to say that times were easy for him. Survival depended greatly on skill at arms. Ceowulf is a natural with a blade and spent many hours refining his skills. Most know him as “Wolf” for his cunning tactics and fearsome weapons.

Over time, Wolf fell in with a group of small-time smugglers and ruffians. Their ‘jobs’ specialized in moving goods between warehouses to avoid taxation and burglary. Clientele included many of the local merchants and even a few local officials. The gang, dubbed the “Wolf Pack”, became his new family. Wolf’s reputation as a swordsman fended off most assailants, but it also made him a target for many young up-and-coming criminals with something to prove. He grew tired of the futile challenges. His penchant for petty thievery allowed him to dodge the authorities while they chased down more notorious criminals. This all came to an end a few short months ago.

An Easterling lord named Hormidac caught Ceowulf and his gang in the midst of a crime. A rival smuggler named Kynan had betrayed Wolf and his companions for the promise of silver from Hormidac. Hormidac killed all of Wolf’s companions, but offered him an alternative to death if he agreed to kill the betraying smuggler. Not adverse to revenge, he agreed. It appears that the lord actually concocted the scenario to murder the smuggler. Kynan and his gang known as the “Hooks” (after the boathook that Kynan used to kill his predecessor) had been working for the Hormidac, but had crossed him. The smuggler held too much incriminating evidence on the official to be caught by the local authorities. Wolf’s reputation with a blade made him the perfect choice for the plot. In the end, Ceowulf killed the smuggler and gained his freedom. The Hooks want Wolf’s head for the murder. Soon after the murders one of Wolf’s Easterling associates named Ruga revealed the nature of the plot and how he had been used. Wolf still wants revenge on the official for killing his gang and the destruction of the remaining “Hooks”.


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