Rebels of Laketown


Replace a city document with a forgery

Outline. Andaeson asks the PCs to steal a document from the city’s Administration Building and replace it with an altered forgery.

Andaeson approaches Ceowulf late on Sunday morning and asks him if he’d be interested in a job that pays 120sp. He’d like him to break into the Central Administration building and replace a tax document with a forgery. Ceowulf agrees, and Andaeson leaves to obtain the necessary forgery.

On Andeason’s advice, Ceowulf approaches Eragin. He pays him for information relating to the building layout, guard schedules, and city procedures. Ceowulf learns the following information.

The tax clerk’s office is located on the second floor, and has a window to the outside on the north side. The guards’ ready room is located directly below the tax clerk’s office.
There are two guards on duty during the 8:00pm to 4:00am shift, and it is required that one remain no matter what occurs outside.

During those hours, guards are instructed to only leave the ready room if a new visitor to the city needs to be registered or if there is nearby disturbance.

Generally, merchant licenses wait until morning if someone enters town at a late hour. This is because the bridge guards don’t want to escort them all of the way to Central Admin. Arms merchants are the exception. If the goods of an arms merchant were ever used for a murder or insurrection, and they had not been registered, the guard who let them slip through would be flogged.

Only a new visitor, or someone unrecognized by the guards, is required to register.
During the conversation Dahlkin walks into the Blue Belly, inquiring about the whereabouts of his brother and sister. Ceowulf tells him that he has some local connections, and that he’d be willing to ask around in exchange for some help.

He wants Dahlkin to either leave the city before 8:00pm, when the bridge guards change, or by boat if he waits until after 8:00pm. He is then to return to the city, carrying a cache of weapons that Ceowulf will supply, and inform the guards that he is a weapons merchant.
After being escorted to the Central Administration building, he should waste as much time as possible registering.

Andaeson returns in the afternoon and provides additional information. He has arranged for the forgery to be generated by Scalara by 10:00pm. He has bargained for a price of 100sp, payable at pickup, but Ceowulf is welcome to whatever is left if he can bargain for a cheaper price.
Unfortunately, he’ll only be able to pay him 100sp for the job. The bartered price for the forgery left him with only that much left. He’ll pay him the rest at a later date.

The tax document in question arrived Saturday evening. Vernudon, the city’s Tax Clerk, returns to work Monday so the switch must take place Sunday night. Vernudon is aware that the document is coming, but unaware of its contents. If he suspects anything, he’ll request another copy or confirmation.

Eragin, Dahlkin, and Ceowulf arrive at Scalara’s just after 10:30pm. They find his shop ransacked, with Scalara sobbing in the corner. Scalara tells them that Sawec “The Sabre” and his gang stole everything.

Asking around, the PCs learn that Sawec and his gang operate out of a shop they extorted from a merchant. After some spying, they determine that they need help to tackle Sawec and his gang. They return to the Blue Belly.

Andaeson recommends his friend Theoden, a bard who happens to be playing at the tavern that night, as a trustworthy fellow.

Theoden agrees to help for a price. He also tells them that there’s a skilled warrior nearby who’s likely looking for work. He calls over Kora, currently working as a barmaid. Ceowulf offers to pay Kora if she’s willing to fight alongside them, and without delay. She agrees.

They all head off to Sawec’s shop. After a fight that leaves Sawec and three other gang members dead and no PCs injured, they question one of the remaining members. He says that Pinterius, owner of the Lucky Loon, hired them to recover 100sp in gambling debts and interest owed by Scalara. Since he didn’t have the money, they took everything from his shop and dropped everything off at the Lucky Loon after they left.

The PCs recover one set of Good Lockpicks, a Booklet of First Aid, a Fine Sabre (from Sawec), and a Fine Leather Breastplate. They visit Pinterius and Ceowulf buys the document from him for 50sp, leaving Pinterius with all the rest of Scalara’s property. Dahlkin and Eragin take a boat out of town. Theoden and Kora keep watch around Central Admin while Ceowulf, document in hand, waits for Dahlkin. Dahlkin and Eragin re-enter town via the bridge, Eragin acting as his bodyguard. Caldorus and Faradon, the shift’s bridge guards, greet them. Caldorus escorts them to Central Administration, where Grundin and Savel are on duty. Savel takes Dahlkin into the building, and Eragin waits out front. Ceowulf begins the break in, and Eragin calls Grundin outside and makes small talk. Ceowulf picks the lock on a shuttered window, enters the tax clerk’s office, replaces the document, and exits. Dahlkin completes the paperwork, pays a small fee, and returns to the Blue Belly with everyone else.

The stolen document is then given to Andaeson.



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