Rebels of Laketown


A simple job, that is really a test of our loyalty

Talarus and Andaeson test out the PCs by asking them to deliver a wagonload of pots to Salodar.
Andaeson approaches the PCs with another job.

He first informs them that the man who had asked him to find individuals to steal that tax document was named Talarus. He resides in Cotstow and has offered to pay them for another little job that he wants done.

The PCs agree and are given his address to meet him the following morning.
The PCs meet Talarus and find that he would like them to take a shipment of pottery by wagon to a man named Salodar at Bard’s Bridge.

The PCs will be paid 20sp for intact delivery, and it had to be done that day.
Talaurs doesn’t expect any trouble, but he wants to be sure that the wagon isn’t searched too carefully.

Salodar is an Aldurlingas clansman from Dale. The PCs purchase a few supplies and begin their short trip. Just a couple of hours from Cotstow, they spot some thieves attempting to ambush their wagon. The PCs ambush the thieves, lead by Aramdil, instead and let them go without hurting anyone.

About halfway to their destination the PCs run across a toll station manned by two Drihten. The guards spend a lot of time questioning the PCs and looking around the wagon, but ultimately just charge them the toll (2cp per person and 10 cp for the wagon) and let them move along without anyone getting hurt.
About 4 hours into the journey the PCs are stopped by three mounted Drihten. They first accuse the PCs of smuggling contraband, and offer to let them leave without their wagon if they pay a fine. After the PCs refuse to be intimidated, the guards offer to pay them off to take the wagon. Finally, they threaten to arrest them as resistance collaborators if they don’t surrender the wagon.

From listening to their banter, the PCs determine that the men’s names are Durath, Elakil, and Gara. Eragin recalls one of the names as being under the command of Agumis, a good friend of Cadmus.

Finally, the PCs attack and dispatch all three guards. They send their horses south, rider-less.
When they arrive at Bard’s Bridge, Salodar pays them for their work.

He confesses that the entire mission was a ruse designed to test them. He states that he, Talarus, and Andaeson are all members of a resistance group opposed to Easterling rule. Successful completion of this mission was necessary before they would even discuss the existence of the resistance. He says that, if they agree now, they will be approached in the future to undertake a mission designed to allow them entrance into the underground resistance. The PCs agree.

Salodar arranges for everyone to stay the night at his small farm just a few miles away. The PCs return to Esgaroth the next morning.



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