Rebels of Laketown


Initiation into the resistance

The PCs attempt an assassination Lord Qi Wan for initiation into the resistance.
Andaeson approaches the PCs and offers them a mission for initiation into the resistance, if they choose to do it.

He informs them that it has to do with the coded note they had brought him in October. It says that Lord Qi Wan is responsible for child kidnappings near Castle Jarlack and that the proof is in his keep’s basement.

He tells them that the mission is to look for the proof and kill Qi Wan if it is found. Blue Eye, who wrote the note, will be arriving soon with updated information on mission.
He also tells them that another experienced team has already made an attempt and has failed.
The PCs agree to take the mission.

Andaeson calls everyone to the Blue Belly Tavern one night, and Blue Eye arrives.
Blue Eye introduces himself and says that his real name is Tolarec.
Blue Eye and Andaeson argue over sending the PCs, who Blue Eye sees as too young to take such a risk, but Andaeson explains that they are the only option remaining.
First, Blue Eye covers what’s known so far.
For over a year and a half, children have been disappearing around Londaroth and Castle Jarlack. The local constables, controlled by Lord Qi Wan, have been unable to find out the cause.

Six months ago, Tolarec investigated and spoke with as many of the children’s parents as he could find. This included Vorl, a servant in Castle Jarlack, whose daughter had gone missing.
Three months later, Vorl claimed he had found proof in the keep that Qi Wan was the abductor.
Tolarec wrote a note to Andaeson, to be delivered by his friend Isper. Isper was killed en route by a retired general for sleeping with the man’s young wife. Fortune shined, and the PCs found him just before he died, delivering the note to Andaeson themselves.
Tolarec and Andaeson worked a plan for the first attempt. It involved Cendasa, Pelaniel, Isinduil, Wylla, Baun, and Beliswen. They were a team Andaeson had worked with for years.
After the attempted mission, Andaeson began to hear disconcerting rumors. Pelaniel’s body was found north of Londaroth, Baun was found 20 miles south, and Qi Wan still lived. He contacted Tolarec and told him he’d try to assemble another team.

Tolarec met with Vorl before arriving in Esgaroth and learned some updated information.
Cendasa’s team made it inside, but was discovered by guards almost immediately. He’s pretty sure they either escaped or were killed, as there don’t seem to be any prisoners.
Castle Jarlack is under extremely tight security with very few allowed within the walls and almost no one allowed within the keep itself. Guards are doing double-shifts and Qi Wan is paranoid.

Lord Qi Wan is hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration because he’s just been named Regional Lieutenant Governor beginning next year.
Next, Blue Eye goes over his plan for the PCs’ attempt.
He gives them a list of names of parents whose children have been abducted, so they can talk with them and have some idea of what sort of evidence they’re looking for.
He provides them with a complete layout of the keep and other buildings within the castle.
No one is allowed in the castle or the keep unless recognized by the guards. For the New Year’s Eve, celebration, the castle gates will be open to anyone, but the keep will still be restricted. Tolarec recommends going on that night and getting arrested within the castle walls. Hopefully, they’ll be thrown into the dungeon in the keep’s basement. Vorl can then free them from their cells.
A man named Asima will sneak them from the area around Castle Jarlack and transport them back to town in his wagon. He will be their alibi, helping him defend his farm from wolves.
The PCs agree to the plan. Tolarec gives them the Spider Silk Belt, Javelin Cane, and Dagger Belt.

The PCs purchase some equipment and head south to make preparations.
They talk to some of the families of the missing children.
Rumli, Korin, and Pendra describe what Calini was wearing when she went missing.
Arkelius and Veng describe what Mali was wearing when she went missing.
They scout the area and find a place for Theoden to wait outside the castle walls.

The PCs make their attempt. Four of them get locked up in the dungeon. Eragin shows up with a Drihten uniform and Dahlkin as his prisoner. He asks the guards to lock up his prisoner for him for the night. They do so.
Soon after, Kora gets arrested for petty thievery and spitting on a castle guard. She is also lock up. Finally, Ceowulf starts a fight with Eragin and they are both locked up for the night. The castle guards work over Ceowulf a little.
Theoden sneaks into the stables and dopes up all of the horses with some sleeping herbs purchased in Esgaroth. Then he takes his vantage point outside a window from which the PCs are supposed to escape.

Vorl is able to free the imprisoned PCs, but is killed by one the guards in the ensuing fight.
The PCs investigate Qi Wan’s personal workroom in the basement and find evidence of the missing children and horrible tortures and murders.

Sneaking upstairs, they make their way to Qi Wan’s bedroom. They battle his four wives, three of whom know spells, while Qi Wan attempts to escape via a secret tunnel.
Qi Wan exits the tunnel near Theoden and is quickly battered unconscious.
The other PCs ultimately defeat the wives. Qi Wan is returned to his room, where Kora mutilates him, and he’s left for the guards.
The PCs make their way to Asima’s wagon and are taken back to Esgaroth.
Arriving back at the Blue Belly Tavern, the PCs are told by a Drihten that Andaeson’s been murdered.



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