Rebels of Laketown


A misheard name leads to a stolen funerary urn

Tankarus has an urn, containing his late wife’s ashes, stolen and he would like the PCs to recover it.

Andaeson approaches Ceowulf and asks a favor that would likely end up profitable. His friend Tankarus has had something stolen and is unable to go to the Drihten for some reason. He asked Andaeson if he knew of anyone who could help. Tankarus didn’t mention money, but Andaeson knows that he’s quite wealthy from his years as an elite smith. Ceowulf agrees to speak with him.
Tankarus states that someone broke into his workshop the night before. He didn’t discover the crime until this morning. The thieves stole his tools and some half-finished items. More importantly, however, they took a bronze urn that contained the ashes of his late wife. He wants the urn back, as well as anything else found.

Tankarus says that he gave away most of his money years ago, but has something else to offer as payment. He’d just completed work on two long-knives commissioned by the Northern Governor. The thieves hadn’t found their hiding place, but Tankarus can report them stolen anyway.
He gives a Fine Long-Knife and Excellent Long-Knife to Ceowulf.

Tankarus can’t go the Drihten for help because of some plans that were stolen with everything else. Jemell, a boat builder had asked him to design a lock box and false bottom for a boat. Tankarus turned him down, but was intrigued by the challenge. He’d spent a few nights working at it, and planned to destroy his notes once completed, but the break in occurred before he was done. If the Drihten were to recover these plans, it could be perceived that Tankarus was doing something criminal.

Ceowulf examines the workshop for clues. The workshop is across a smithing and tanning yard from his house. The only items not stolen are those too heavy to carry or too common to bother stealing. All high quality tools and equipment are gone.

Though no obvious signs of a break in, Tankarus points out scratches on the door’s lock. He feels the thieves must have been very skilled, as the lock was very complex. Garushon, whom he considers the city’s best locksmith, personally crafted it. All windows and hinges are intact.
Ceowulf notices that the scratches are only external and don’t appear to be on the interior mechanisms, as one would expect if the lock were actually picked. He surmises that the thieves wanted it to look like the lock was picked when it was not.

Tankarus states that only he and his wife have ever had a key and, with Ceowulf’s help, both are located. Tankarus had his and his wife’s doesn’t seem to have been used in quite some time.
Tankarus and Ceowulf surmise that Garushon may also have a key.

Ceowulf goes to visit Eragin at the Blue Belly and ask him for help. Eragin agrees, and they both visit Garushon.
They meet Garushon and Talodon, one of his assistants.
Garushon is shocked that someone was able to overcome his lock. He explains that he makes a dozen types of standard locks, and has skeleton keys that will open all of those. The lock that he made for Garushon, however, was unique. He does not keep keys for the locks that he makes exclusively for individual customers. Instead, he keeps a tracing with sizing details in case another ever needs to be made.

When he checks his files, he finds that the tracing for Tankarus’ lock is mis-filed, and he had checked these records just days ago.

He notes that only himself and his two assistants, Talodon and Rovarik, have access to the files.
Talodon is in the shop that day. He’s been working since dawn, when Garushon let him in. He has no alibi, but Ceowulf and Eragin find nothing suspicious about him.
Rovarik is off on that day. Garushon provides his address.

Ceowulf and Eragin visit his residence, which is a room he rents from Krello, a barrell-maker.
Krello saw Rovarik leaving with his brother Hadron this morning.

Krello doesn’t know where Hadron lives, but knows that he works at Warfan’s warehouse.
Eragin speaks with Warfan and learns that Hadron has been staying at a vacant shop on the other side of town, staying there for free while he does some repair work.

Before visiting the shop, Ceowulf and Eragin drop by the Blue Belly to pick up Dahlkin and Kora.
The PCs follow Warfan’s directions to the vacant shop. As they approach, Ceowulf realizes that they are in Hooks’ territory. Sneaking up to the shop, they peak inside to see two men fitting Hadron and Rovarik’s descriptions arguing with one another as they rifle through some smithing equipment. The PCs enter and confront the two men. Before they can get any information, a gang called the Night Owls barges in through the back door and demands surrender. Before the PCs can resist, four Hooks barge in through the front door demanding to know who’s doing business in their territory. The Night Owls and Hooks begin arguing, and ultimately break into battle. The PCs come out victorious in the three-way battle, with one Hook and one Night Owl being killed. Hadron and Rovarik escape during the melee.

The PCs return all of the equipment to Tankarus. With the plans safely in his possession, he decides that he can now contact the Drihten. Within the day they arrest Hadron and Rovarik.
Tankarus later explains to the PCs what had happened. Hadron had heard a rumor that Tankarus was going to receive casts to mint another batch of Esgaroth coins. He found that the Night Owls were willing to pay a lot of money for the casts, and contacted his brother to gain access to Tankarus’ workshop. The Night Owls planned to mint counterfeit coins, cutting the precious metals with iron and tin. Tankarus found it somewhat funny because he never mints coins. That’s done by Rantarus, a local jeweller. Hadron must have misheard the name.



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